Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection


Biker jackets, varsity jackets, suit trousers, fitted shirts, jsweatpants-type trousers, the Boyish trend is inspired by these masculine wardrobes... made totally feminine! Dresses are cut out at the waist or they're shirt-dresses. The bags take on a satchel feel using two-material effects. Shoes are flat, have square heels or can be platform trainers. As for the fabrics, denim, tweed and leather details are a given! Checks, stripes borrowed from rugby, mesh or leather inserts and studded shoulders compliment your Boyish style. The favourite colours for this trend are grey, black and bottle green.


Military jackets, Victorian blouses, reefer coats, cigarette trousers adorned with lace, printed or embroidered skinny-leg trousers, pencil skirts, neo-basque skirts; these are the cuts that are prioritised for creating your Victorian look. As for the fabrics, lace and fluidity reign here. Tote bags, hand-held clutch bags, plastron effect cabochon necklaces, baroque-style tights, accessories featuring lace and arabesques. Low boots feature straps and studs. Prints are just as romantic: Jacquard, baroque, laser cutting and embroidery. Pale pink and ecru are the must-have colours of the Victorian style. Match them with denim and midnight blue for a feminine style that's bang up to date!


Parkas, oversized coats, biker jackets, combat trousers, safari shorts, straight mini skirts, long skirts, loose fitting dresses, Sahara stye shirt dress, Combi-trousers, flowing or army shirts, raglan sleeves, the Jungle trend will release your wild side! The flowing materials, the zips and the pockets borrowed from combat trousers put the finishing touches on this natural and explorer theme. The boots and belts are enhanced by studs, eyelets or sequins. The bags are shopping bag or military-inspired beggar's bags. Camouflage, animal or flowery, the print is available in peacock blue, yellow, khaki with iridescent or reptile effects, remaining subtle all the while.


Boxy jackets, slim-leg trousers or chinos, corolla skirts or long petticoat skirts, folky dresses cut out at the waist, long dresses, the Steppe look will take you travelling! Quilting, tapestry, velvet-feel jumpers and jackets. Fringes, patches, inserts or beads on jeans, embroidery, laces…; Collect folky-style fabrics and details for a full Steppe style! Shoes and bags have the tapestry feel too. With your ethnic prints, you are dressed for the Steppe style!

Pretty 60's

Oversized overcoats, round neck coats, varsity or biker jackets, basque jackets, cigarette trousers, quilted short skirts, skater dresses, twin sets, Basque tops, the Pretty 60's trend is deliciously retro! As for the fabrics, get out the quilting, crepe and mohair! Bags are clutch style, shoulder bags or mini-satchels, ballerinas and shoes with pointed contrasting toe and fill the Pretty 60's with femininity. Lastly, brocade, jewel buttons, collars with studs and soft colours will make the difference. The 60's will make you even prettier!


Kimono-style jackets, varsity jackets, cigarette or pyjama-style trousers, straight skirts, loose fitting dresses, draped dresses, blouses, two-fabric jumpers, a touch of China is breathed into the Shanghai trend! It inspires shapes, prints and colours, including accessories tinted with golden metal and embroidery. With a satin background, an embroidered feel, quilted lurex, coated lace, the look displays floral motifs and dragons. The colours range from black, burgundy, orange, beige and khaki. Try out this Shanghai look for a bit of escapism!


Capes, ponchos, parkas, down jackets, padded jackets, boyfriend jeans, tube dresses or belted dresses, shirts with ruffle collars, the Châtelain look will woo you! They key materials are… corduroy, fur, quilting and knitting. Dare to wear the trilby hat, the faux leather elbow patches, the checked shorts , the hand-held quilted clutch bag. Khaki, beige, burgundy and brown, the lady of the manor blends into the autumn landscape but doesn't go unnoticed!


Military-style coats, capes, pantalon large, robe bodycon, jupe patineuse, top basque et chemise col montant, le style Mousquetaire fait de vous une aventurière très élégante ! Sortez le ruban noir velours autour du cou, les gants et les manchettes à cabochons. Le velours lisse est la matière incontournable de l'esprit Mousquetaire ! Brocard, dentelle, matelassage, choisissez-les dans le vert...; anglais ou bouteille, mais aussi dans le noir et les gris. Osez même les fleuris et les angelots ! Quelle allure, Mousquetaire !

70's show

Caban long, trench en laine, pantalon flare, jupe portefeuille, robe twistée, tunique marquée à la taille, les années 70 font leur show ! Chaussez les mocassins à talons, portez un sac multi-poches et ajoutez une large ceinture, vous serez parfaitement dans la tendance. Les imprimés wallpaper ou géométriques et le jacquard sont de rigueur. Noir, framboise, prune, marine, vert foncé sont les couleurs préférées de cette tendance.


Manteau oversized, pardessus bi-matière, blouson de biker, doudoune légère, slim, legging ou pantalon cigarette, le look du Futur se porte brillant ! La jupe est color block. Les découpes de la robe sont ergonomiques. Les pulls sont agrémentés d'empiècements...; matelassés ou contrastés. Tout scintille, de la pochette au pendentif stellaire. Le Futur dévoile des motifs intergalactiques, voire même des effets d'hologramme ! Pénétrez dans la tendance du Futur !

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