The Camaïeu styles

Jumpers and cardigans, the Camaïeu style

For the Autumn-Winter collection, jumpers and cardigans become true fashion accessories: fine or chunky, knitwear can provide decorative touches, the colours are seasonal, with a palette of black, grey, a wide variation of brown and khaki, and not forgetting the bright colours. We are opting for an autumn-winter of soft and comfortable knits, favouring the little fine-knit jumpers or lightweight cardigans, as and when the sun and heat appear…; We never tire of Camaïeu's knitwear!

The stripe is of course still very current, but although jumpers and cardigans have a sailor feel, they are nevertheless brought up to date with irregular stripes and colours, making use of openwork weaves to create new striped effects. For autumn-winter 2013 we are still completely in love with the sailor jumper, perfect with jeans and a bag, adorable with a corolla skirt and sandals!

Another strong trend of the season: the decorative effect knitwear: for autumn-winter, fashionistas will love the highly original jumpers and cardigans. We are thinking of woven or marl knits for decidedly folk colour effects, lurex threads and chintzy materials to bring sparkle to a look, in all cases the decorative stitching effects on this season's cardigans is a key trend: honeycomb knit stitch, latticework, barleycorn stitch...;

Lastly, jumpers and cardigans have some unexpected adornments. dare to wear the cardigan with an array of metal studs on the front, the jumper with its lace yoke on the shoulders, the jacket cardigan with its shiny threads, its frayed edges, the cardigan with zipped pockets, the completely embroidered cardigan with colourful knots, the long open cardigan… Each of these women's garments will fit well into an autumn-winter-summer 2013 wardrobe following the trends of the season!

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