The Camaïeu styles

Trousers, the Camaïeu style

In the mood for trousers... The choice is endless at Camaïeu! Urban trousers, sports trousers, 7/8 length trousers, cropped trousers, shorts, leggings will accompany you throughout the season, whatever your circumstances and moods, drawing inspiration from a variety of trends, colours and prints, to find a place in your spring-summer 2013 wardrobe. With different cuts and materials, original details, on-trend colours, Camaïeu trousers are not lacking in inspiration!

Marrying together elegance and comfort, Camaïeu offers you trousers that are easy to wear, perfectly cut and that fall impeccably. Over to you to choose the shape that suits you, straight-leg trousers, slim-leg trousers, flared trousers, or cropped trousers. Also the slim-leg trouser remains a must-have item, make sure your wardrobe also includes a pair of shortened trousers, cigarette trousers or 7/8 length trousers, beautifully revealing your ankle. Perfect with ballerinas, for a casual chic look!

To play around with fashion, Camaïeu trousers offer a variety of materials and colours this season. An infinite variety of trouser styles will allow you to choose your look of the day, alternating between chic , bohemian and more romantic trends. Printed trousers are emerging as a strong trend: floral motifs come in strong contrasts or pastel shades, according to your mood. Materials are also getting summery: coated cotton, linen, satin-finish fabrics or waffle-weaves…;


Finally, Camaïeu's selection of trousers gets into the summer vibe, with its shorts. Although denim shorts, decidedly casual, are reserved for casual or beachwear, there is a strong emphasis on city shorts, a pleated style, with an urban look that will perfectly complement the chic women's wardrobe! Tailoring is another strong trend where you'll fall in love with the tuxedo-style trousers with their satin strips down the side of the leg. Two very on-trend inspirations that you'll find at Camaïeu!

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